Empowering Leaders through exhortation, encouragement and equipping.


Karen and Paul Whitley Invading DarknessFor almost 30 years, Invading the Darkness has been assisting leaders on five different continents. We do not exist to establish ministry but rather to come alongside established ministries and make it possible for them to accomplish their God-given vision and purpose.

Working for more than 19 years in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, Paul and Karen Whitley came alongside church leaders in Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and a host of other nations. A host of both men and women call them Mom and Dad and they are highly respected for their love and skill in preaching the Word of God with passion.

Presently, they are working primarily in The Chaco, a mountainous area in southern Bolivia. Here they assist local pastors, providing them with not only spiritual needs but physical needs as well.

As veteran missionaries, they feel a mandate to raise up a generation of young missionaries that will take the Gospel to other nations. Bolivians as well as nationalities from all South America are intense on taking the Gospel to Islamic nations. Paul and Karen are being used by God to help train and equip these young missionaries through Bible schools, missionary conferences and seminars.

They also are keen on helping to raise the awareness level in churches in the United States for missions and do so through traveling extensively throughout the nation as well as taking short term mission teams to different places around South America.

If you would like to know more, peruse their web page and contact them either by phone (678-371-1452) or by email (itd7773@aol.com).